Cartoon, Illustration & beyond

I've been securing magazine commissions since 1982. My first 'print job' was a 2 year tenure writing & illustrating a feature called 'York Types' for 'Yorkshire Evening Press.' I was able to secure similar work when I moved to London. I enjoyed long associations with the 'Newham & Docklands Recorder(s),' 'Southwark News' & a brief stint on the 'South London Press.' It was good knock about work producing cartoon commentry & caricatures on stories for culturally vibrant London communities. Football loomed large & I was even enthusiastic about the local teams in the areas I usually lived & worked (even though West Ham & Millwall are bitter rivals). My dream Football gig was with Red News the first Manchester United fanzine. I've been a United supporter since 1968 & it was a joy to produce cartoons charting the change in United fortunes during the early years of Fergie's reign.

It continued to send drawings off to magazines from across the cultural spectrum. Eventually the cheques & commissions began to out number rejection notes. For a time I became adept at producing 'gag' cartoons. These are a form of pen & ink joke. I placed work in lots of publications from the Adult press to Social Work today. I even got a couple into Private Eye & Punch before its demise. I haven't included 'gag' cartoons on this site. Some of my gag back catalogue might be viewed & purchased at

Much as I liked producing 'gags' there is a high level of wastage, particularly if you don't place your topical material. I wrote & drew a couple of cartoon strips for the trade press, alternative comics & Metropolitan, which was a magazine given to London commuters. This lead to more illustration work especially Sports. I've been lucky to get some lovely & singular gigs. I illustrated a race brochure for London Zoo, the London Marathon programme as well as 'off the hook' events like a day sat in LWT studios during one of their telethons.

My work life experiences have informed subject matter. In addition to being an illustrator I am a qualified occupational therapist & have varied work experience ranging from incarnations as a bank clerk, youth work overseas & four years in the Royal Air Force.

My family & I moved to the South Coast 6 years ago. My friends feel I've gone native now as I'm painting. I tend to produce more acrylic work & concentrate on culture & music. I try to host an exhibition each May to coincide with the Brighton Festival Fringe, last year as well as showing my own work we featured work from Rich Newman & Julien Howells.
As the site develops I intend to incorporate a spot of commerce & sell postcards, paintings & a range of greeting cards.

In the meantime thanks for 'visiting' & I hope you found something to enjoy you. Please contact me if you want to discuss commissions. If you have time check out any links, some of these feature other samples of my work & others just take my fancy.